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Oachira Parabrahma Temple

Oachira Parabrahma Temple is a very ancient Temple of Kerala without any building structures,sanctum sanctorum, Idol and priests.It is situated beside NH 47 and is 34 km from Kollam. This place which is spread on a vast land of 36 acres is a pilgrimage center  for millions of people every year.In the Hindu religious belief  it is stated that God is without any particular form or shape and we can not measure the power of God.Since such a form can not be imagined by us we have manifested human shaped God forms for the sake of concentrating in our mind to do meditation.In temples idols are consecrated to worship that enormous  power easily.In the Bhagawath Geetha Krishna says that the  true devotee of God can assume him in any form,Call him in any name but with loving devotion.He may accept that form and give  them vision.
At Oachira temple God Siva in his "Digambara form' is worshiped .He is Parabrahma who is the  Creator and Protector of the Universe,without any form or shape and possessing  tremendous power which can not be assumed or measured.He is supreme consciousness  which  does not differ from the nature.He is 'Ohm karam' in which everything is contained in.
There are several well kept Banyan trees in the Oachira temple premises( 'Padanilam')  where large number of poor people and devotees are dwelling in the shades of those trees chanting God's names and Sthotras.People from far and near visit this temple to get solitude and God's grace every day.The festivals of this temple   are 'Vrichikam Panthrandu Vilakku'  'Oachirakkali'  and  'Irupathiyettam Onam'.
Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku is mainly considered as the days from 1st Vrichikam to 12 th  Vrichikam (November-December) every year during which thousands of devotees come here and stays for 12 days in small sheds and huts.These huts has to be  reserved  earlier for the devotees to stay as per their intentions regarding the period of  stay. The first 12 days of Vrichikam,next 12 days if you prefer like that or next 12 days if that will be convenient for you, as per your wish and convenience can be  selected for  the days for 'Bhajanam Parkkal'(Staying  there chanting   God's names and Mantras.)
During these periods the  temple compound which is known as  'Padanilam' would be transformed in to a gorgeous  Pilgrimage center where exhibitions,trade fairs, stage programs, etc are all conducted and thousands of pilgrims will be staying there chanting prayers  and thousands visit there every day.Staying at the temple compound for 12 days is considered  very auspicious which will bring  good grace from God and the wishes of the devotee will be fulfilled.
Oachira which is 'Ohmkara Chira'  is very ancient and it is believed that this is the place where a 'Nampoothiri Brahmin' of 'Akavur Mana'(House of a Brahmin Nampoothiri) got 'darsan' of  'Lord Shiva' as Supreme God 'Parabrahma' in the form of a "Buffalo'
'Akavoor Chathan'  who beloged to 'Parayi Petta Panthirukulam' was a servant of the 'Akavur Namboothiri' That learned man used to take bath every day early morning and started  his Pooja rituals.Chathan who was illiterate asked him one day which God he was praying and  what would be his shape.Namboothiri for teasing him answered but  seriously said  that he was praying 'Parabrahma' and  shape of that Lord would be like a Buffalo.
Poor Chathan was a firm believer of God, but was not knowing pooja rituals or any prayer mantras   but  meditated from the  following day concentrating in his mind God in the shape of a Buffalo.After 41 days God came to him in the form of a Buffalo and stayed with him.The buffalo followed him where ever he went and helped him in his works also but nobody else could see that buffalo.Once the Nampoothiri without knowing about these happenings asked Chathan to accompany him for a pilgrimage.Buffalo was following them but Nampoothiri could not see it.When they reached Oachira they had to go through a small door and Chathan was instructing the Buffalo to turn its head slightly to safe guard its horns and  come through the door.Nampoothiri felt anxious that Chathan was actually speaking to somebody but he could not see any thing.Nampoothiri asked Chathan to whom he was talking to and Chathan replied in a silly manner that it was 'Parabrahma'. The astonished Nampoothiri suddenly touched Chathan and looked and saw the Parabrahma in the shape of a Buffalo.Suddenly the Buffalo vanished from sight.The sad Chathan said that he would not come without his companion and stayed there praying to Parabrahma and thus the 'Bhajanam Parkkal'(Staying at Oachira praying to God) started.There are no Pooja rituals or offerings to the God here.Even the soil here is considered  sacred and the devotees collect a little soil as 'Prasadam'.Chanting God's names and providing food to the devotees and poor people are considered auspicious here for getting God's bliss.Every day free food is served to thousands of devotees and poor people who are staying in this temple premises.It is being possible from the contributions made by rich devotees.Even God takes human form and participate in this 'Annadanam' is the belief.
For those who can not stay in the temple for 12 days consecutively can stay there one day each every month so that it becomes 12  in an  year which  also helps to get God's grace.Oachirakkali in the month of Mithunam(June) is also celebrated here which attracts thousands of people to this sacred place.The first 12 days of Vrichikam month is the most important celebration in this temple which is famous as 'Oachira Panthrandu Vilakku' festival.

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