Monday, December 12, 2011

Karthyayani Vrat- For Unmarried Girls

In the Malayalam calendar month of Vrichikam most of the Gents of Hindu families will be performing 'Vrat'
(Observances) even if they do not have plans to go for a pilgrimage to Sabarimala.Many people continues the 'Vrat' for 41 days which is up to 'Dhanu 11' so that it will be one 'Mandala' period of 41 days in total.
Some others will continue the Vrat up to 'Makara Vilakku' festival which means that they do the observances  for two months in total.Many people do this for allowing the body to recover from the fatigue happened during
the other ten months of the year.They wants to keep their body and mind pure for two months in an year.They want to improve their health and so they will stop cigarette smoking,drinking alcohol,eating spicy and non-vegetarian food, and try to keep calm by  avoiding worries and tension by chanting God's names.Eventually all these good habits will surely help them to improve their health conditions a lot.Early to bed and early to rise  will help boost the health conditions very much.Those who performs the observances will rise early in the morning,  take bath and visit the near by temple every day as a daily routine during those days which help reduce their tensions to a good extent.
Cherthala Karthyayani Temple
When the Gents in the family taking the observances  the ladies might be also eating vegetarian food during the whole period when men performs it.They can also take bath in the early morning and visit temple and keep their body and mind pure for a 'Mandala Period' of 41 days  if there is need  in this regard.It is evident that  young females can not perform observances continuously for a period of 41 days and enter the temple also.The days 5 or 7 which they have to break in between because of periods can be performed after wards to make a total  of 41 days.
This 'Vrat' performed by ladies in the month of 'Vrichikam' up to Dhanu 11 is known as 'Karthiyayani Vrat' and the purpose is to get a most suitable husband for them or to get the person whom they love to be their husband.
For this the  young ladies who seek this purpose should visit a 'Durga Devi Temple' for 41 days in the morning after taking bath starting from 'Vrichikam 1st.' They have to pray the Goddess about their intention and avoid spicy and non-vegetarian food for the whole 41 days 'Vrat' period.Try to keep away from any kind of conflicts and keep the body and mind pure by chanting Devi's names and incantations.Submit to Goddess flowers like 'Chempakam,Mandaram,Asokam,Chethi,Sankhupushpam(White) and perform 'Pushpanjali' whenever you can during the 'Vrat' period.Those who face obstacles  to get a married life and those who face unnecessary delay to get married will get rid off their problems by Devi's grace.
. Girls can  also perform 'Monday Vrat' and visit 'Lord Shiva Temple' for this purpose.(married women can perform  this Monday Vrat for long married life).
For getting the lover as the husband and for getting a very suitable husband for those who seek so and to get married without delay for those suffer from obstacles in  this regard may perform 'Karthyayani Vrat'.
The Gopikas of 'Vrindavan' prayed to Goddess Karthyayani Devi(Durga Devi) to get the love of Lord Krishna and we know that Devi blessed them to materialize their wish.
 Unmarried girls if have  needs as above  can perform 'Karthyayani Vrat' from 'Vrichikam 1st.

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