Wednesday, December 21, 2011


There are so many people who finds it difficult to live happily and comfortably with their income and they have to do several adjustments  to control their expenses.Such people may be expecting to get more income or to live contented with the income they have.To get more income or to live happily and with prosperity we have to
perform Pournami Vrat and  Bhuvaneswari Pooja.
In the Olden days  this Vrat and  Bhuvaneswari Pooja were performed by even Maharajas.When Sri Rama
was crowned as Maharaja at that  function, Lord Viswamitra told  Sri Rama about this Vrat.
Lord Viswamitra told Sri Rama that a person, who ever let him be, a Family Head, Business Man, or Maharaja
the society will respect them to an extent because of their wealth and money.A poor man will be neglected by
the society except Sanyasis(Monks).So Sri Rama was adviced  to perform this Pooja and Vrat which he used to practice  and his country flourished to prosperity very soon.
It is said that Lord Sri Krishna also performed this Vrat and Bhuvaneswari Pooja at Dwaraka Puri.
Those who recite Bhuvaneswari Mantra will sure get out of their poverty is  what Lord Shiva also said about this.
Sri Bhuvaneswari is one of the ten incarnation of Mother Goddess Bhadra Kali.Bhuvaneswari is represented by the holy Mantra word 'Hrim'.
Bhuvaneswari,Thara,Kali,Bhairavi,Chinnamastha,Dhoomavati,Bahalamukhi,Kamala,Mathangi,Shodasi are the
ten Incarnations.
Among the Nav Grahas she is connected to the Moon, and so she is worshiped on the 'Full Moon Day' which
is also known as 'Pournami Day'.Bhuvaneswari stands gracefully as the Goddess of  each and everything in this
The Pournami Vrat was started by a Sage 'Kaapaleeswara Swamikal' and those who perform it can lead a
contented , happy and prosperous family life.They will be getting respect and approval from the society.They
can shine in their profession and will get  help  to solve their problems by the Devi.
This Vrat Has to be performed on all Full Moon Days(Pournami Days).The Vrat starts from the previous Day.
On the previous Day after sunset recite Durga Sthotras or Kali Devi Sthotras and visit a Devi temple.On the Pournami Day should not sleep during Day time.Should not consume alcoholic drinks etc.Entertainment activities has also to be avoided.Chant Devi names or 'Mantras' as much as you can.In the evening visit a Devi Temple.Only one time meals  is allowed.No food to be taken  for supper also.The full moon in the sky  has to be
visited after the dusk.In the Pooja Room or a Clean place wearing an yellow dress sit turning towards Northern direction and recite the Devi Dhyanam' as follows:-
                                          Udwadinadyuthimindu Kireedam
                                          Thunga Kucham Nayanathraya Yuktham
                                           Smeramukhim Varadankusapaasa
                                          Bheethikaram Prabhaje Bhuvanesim.

And then recite Mantra as:- " Ohm Hrim Shreem Kleem Bhuvaneswarye Namah" (Recite this minimum 108
Sitting  after spreading an yellow cloth on the seat and wearing yellow dress is better.The mantra can be
recited  more times  as you can).Devi Temple has to be visited on the previous day,On the Vrat Day and
the next day morning also.On the Vrat day either in the morning or evening light an oil lamp for Devi
using pure 'Ghee' at home.Once in an year performing 'Bhagavathi Sewa'  at home is also auspicious.

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  1. Bhagavathy Seva is Popular in Kerala.Doing this Pooja Bhagavathy Seva Pooja to Restores balance in the environment and brings peace.