Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thrikkunnapuzha Dharma Sastha Temple

In the Theeyattu songs which are sung for Ayyappan Teeyattu there is reference of the 108 temples of Lord
Ayyappa which were started by Sage Parasurama.In that song  the first temple which is mentioned is of
'Thrikkunnapuzha Sastha Temple.It is situated in Alleppey District 6km from Nangyar Kulangara.(Nangyarkulngara is only 2km south of Harippad).
In this temple the Lord Dharma Sastha is existing with his wife Prabha and son Sathyakan.The deities  are consecrated  on a  21" high 'Sila peet'  and the idols are  made of 'Pancha Loha' for  the three depiction of Sastha,Prabha and Sathyaka.The small Sathyaka is shown in between Lord Sastha and Prabha.
To visit and do offerings to the Sastha family is very auspicious.If we visit this temple and pray Dharma Sastha to solve our family problems he will resolve the problems existing between husband and wife and also problems among other family members.People who are tensed with insecure family matters when offer pooja rituals in Thrikkunnapuzha Dharma Sastha Temple, their complicated problems will be get solved with the Lord's Grace.
The temple was under the administration of Edapally swaroopam but from 1972 on wards the temple is under control of 'Ayyappa Seva  Sangham'.The sanctum of Lord Sastha is square shaped.
The annual festival of this temple is in the month of 'Vrichikam'  for ten days and the 'Arattu' will be on 'Uthram'
star day.
The sub deities of this temple consists of Lord Subramania,Lord Shiva,Lord Gosala Krishna,Nav Grahas etc.
Lord Subramanya is having importance as that of Lord Sastha and the sanctum of Lord Subramania is  a round shaped  large one.
The main offerings in this temple are 'Kalabhabhishekam,Pooja rituals from Morning to dusk(Udayasthamana Pooja)Pithru Pooja, and Thila Homam'.
Since the Lord Dharma Sastha is existing here with his wife and son, visiting this temple and doing pooja rituals will help secure  our  family and give prosperity also.
For performing 'Karkidaka Vavu Bali' large number of devotees reach this temple every year.They perform the 'Bali' on the beach at the back side of this temple.
There is a special festival from 'Dhanu' 1st to Dhanu 11th for which large number of devotees participate with
'Kavady' etc.The 'Shashti Vrat' rituals are also performed here for Lord Subramania.In the olden days
the fishermen of this place used to visit this temple and they were given 'Paddy seeds' which was  made sacred from the temple.They  scatter them at places in the water where they used to catch fish regularly.
Their belief was that by Lord's grace they would  get better catch of  fish always.Some fishermen still continue
this practice.

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