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Thiruvathira  'Vrat' is best suited and very much auspicious to perform for gaining  a long and happy married life.The 'Thiruvathira Star' of the month 'Dhanu'  is believed as the 'Birth Star' of Lord Shiva and considered
very sacred in all Shiva temples and by the devotees.This year's Thiruvathira is on December 25 and 26, 2015.
In Kerala as a custom this day is celebrated with certain age old practices.
Married women enjoy themselves on this day during night time by performing 'Thiruvathira Kali' dances.They
generally use songs in praise of Shiv-Parvathy for Thiruvathira Kali dance.During the mid night there is a system
of wearing flowers on their hair known as "Pathira Poovu choodal'.It is 'wearing 'Dasa Pushpam'(ten types of flowers).Literally we are saying 'Dasa Pushpam' but actually several of them are Ayurvedic herbs and not flowers.The Malayalam names of these herbs are ' Karuka, Vishnukranti, Poovam Kurunnila, Thiruthali,Muyalcheviyan,Mukkutti,Kayyonni, Nilappana,Cheroola,and Uzhinja.' These are all famous Ayurvedic herbs used in preparing many types of Ayurvedic medicines and by just wearing them on the hair
for some time may be also helpful in some ways  for relieving certain ailmements..In earlier times these herbs were all grown in our yard   or

were available easily from the nearby locality but there is scarcity for them in in many places now.Later the women
take bath in the nearby  pond and the merry making continues with splashing water on others,singing,swimming etc (Thudichu Kuli).
Early in the morning they visit the nearby temple.For the newly married couple the first ' Thiruvathira' within
one year is called 'Poothiruvathira'.The women in the locality usually summon in the house of the newly wed couple  and 'Thiruvathira
dance' and other cults performed there is the general practice.
'Thiruvathira Vrat' is performed for the long and happy married life  and generally performed by married women.It is performed for the long life and well being of their husband and children.By performing this Vrat
the bond between wife and husband also get strong.For a materialistic way of happy and prosperous family
life all married women should perform this Vrat.This can be done for seven days,Five days ,Three days and
for the single day also.The simple method is as follows.Take bath early morning and in the evening.Visit nearby Shiv-Parvathy temple,Shiva temple or Devi Temple at least once in a day.Consume rice for one time meal (  for Lunch only).For
breakfast and supper you can consume wheat,or  fruits.Avoid non-vegetarian food.Morning and evening
after taking bath recite 'Ohm Nama Shivaya'  Mantra for 108 times each.While praying God think  in
the mind Lord Shiva with Devi Parvathy and Children Ganesha and Subramanya.On the next day of Thiruvathira in the morning we can stop Vrat by consuming 'theertham'(holy water) from the temple.
For performing the Vrat for seven days,five days, three days or for single day the method is the  same.If you
start Vrat from the next day,  on the previous night for supper also you should avoid non vegetarian food and
Before taking bath you can convert the bathing water also holy.In a bucket of water dip a finger and recite
following mantra three times and use it for taking bath.
The mantra is " Ohm Gange cha yamune chaiva Godavari Saraswathi
                        Narmade Sindhu Kaveri Jalesmin sannidhim kuru"
For those who perform this Vrat for a  single day only on  'Thiruvathira Day", if possible avoid rice completely on  that
day and consume Wheat,pulses,Bengal Gram,Green Gram etc, and fruit items for their three time meals.
Coconut water can be used.If possible it is good not to sleep on Thiruvathira night.
Reciting the mantra "Ohm Shiva-Saktyaikyaroopinye Namah"( Ohm Shiva-Sakthi-Eikya-Roopinye Namah) by thinking Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathy in mind
Thiru Vairanikkulam Temple
for 108 times helps to build the bond stronger between the couples.
Unmarried girls expecting marriage in the nearby future can take this Vrat and should continue for 41 days for getting a suited marriage partner.They should recite mantra "Ohm Somaya Namah" 108 times a day
in addition to "Ohm Nama Shivaya" 108 times twice a day.
Boys who look forward for a good marriage life take Thiruvathira Vrat and continue it for 41 days.The mantra they have to recite in addition to "Ohm Nama Shivaya" 108 times twice a day is "Ohm Uma Maheswaraya Namah" 108 times a day.
Chengannur Mahadeva Temple
On the Thiruvathira Day  visit Shiv-Parvathi Temple if possible.Thousands of people visits Thiru Vairanikkulam Temple, Chengannur Mahadeva Temple etc on this day.At Thiru Vairanikkulam Temple
the Shrine of Parvathi Devi opens for ten days only in an year from Dhanu Thiruvathira Day.
At Chengannur Mahadeva Temple Lord Shiva and Devi Parvathy exists in the same Sanctum Lord Shiva
facing east and Devi facing west.On Dhanu Thiruvathira Day the annual festival starts here which extends
for 28 days.
This year 'Pathira Poo Choodal,Thiruvathira Kali, Thudichu Kuli, etc are all performed at  night on  25th December 2015.

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