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Cherthala Karthyayani Devi Temple

Cherthala Karthyayani Devi is famous as  "Mangalya Dayani" means she  provides 'welfare and prosperity' for the devotees
and also helps for  removing obstacles of  marriage for girls ,provides good bridegroom,assures  better married life.
The etiquette and rituals followed in Cherthala Karthyayani Temple differs a lot than other temples in Kerala.
For example there is 'Aarattu' held twice every day after flag hoisting for annual festival.The aarattu is done
in separate seven ponds in the morning one in each every day..At Chottanikkara Devi temple aarattu is held on all the nine days of the festival but not twice a day.
The temple festival virtually starts two days prior to flag hoisting and on those days 'Thalappoli' (Adoration with oil lamps and flowers by women and girls) is offered to Devi by devotees.
This temple is famous for 'Swayamvara Puspanjali' (Floral Offering) which helps for removing obstacles for marriage of girls.For a better result of this ritual   approach an Astrologer and find a suitable date and time for performing this offering
there at the temple and believe- Karthyayani Devi will bless You for a happy married life very soon.
Another phenomenon of this temple is removal of physical ailments by the sub Deity "Sastha" of this temple.
An offering known as 'Aalthadi' is done in this regard.A statue  of a human being is made out of a mixture
of rice flour,Jaggery(Molasses),ginger,cumin seed, Banana(kadali pazham),Coconut,Ghee etc and submerged
in sand covered in arecanut sheaths in front of Sastha temple.On the upper part logs of wood are burned.After
a particular time the statue is taken out and kept turned the other side up and covered  again with sand and
burned upper part with logs of fire.After a particular time the statue will be ready (to eat).It is taken out and used for pooja rituals at the Sanctum  of Sastha and given back to the devotee.It will be a delicious sweet item.The cost of performing this offering is more than 15000/- rupees.The deity Sastha (Ayyappa) is having very much importance in this  temple.
Another offering in this temple is 'Kozhiye Parathal' (Submitting    fowl bird in temple).Now a days this is forbidden
since the number of fowls in the temple compound is very large  and so a particular fees is received from the devotee and provides  a fowl bird
from the  temple authorities to the devotee who can submit it  in the temple compound supposing as if it was brought by himself.
The consecration of Cherthala temple was done by 'Vilwamangalam Samiyar'.After the consecration of
Sree Padmanabha Swamy at Trivandrum he had an inclination to consecrate 'Vishnu Maya'.He proceeded
on look out for that intention and when reached Cherthala he witnessed seven beautiful girls in a forest area.
The girls started running on his sight and Vilwamangalam Samikal understood that they were not ordinary human beings and followed them.The legend is that the girls dipped  themselves to seven ponds one after the other.
The seventh girl jumped in to a pond covered with mud ('Cher' in Malayalam) and the girl's head was covered by 'Cher'(mud) but she was caught by Swamiyar and brought out of the pond.She was consecrated
at that place by Swamiyar against her willingness by calling her bad words.By hearing that bad words Devi
smiled only is the belief and like that of Kodungallur Devi Temple singing traditional ugly songs is practiced
to an extent here also.
The Kodiyettu(Flag Hoisting) is held on Makayiram star day in the evening at 7.30.The same day she is taken in a procession for aarattu at 'Kali Pond'.The next day morning Aarattu will be held at Cheran Pond,next day at
Kelam Pond and at Pullum Pond the next day and other ponds on the consecutive days.The Aarattu at
night is every day held at 'Pallykkulam' pond.While coming back after aarattu the residents of the locality
greets Devi with offerings of  'Nirapara' 'Nilavilakku' etc.
The 'Karthika' star day in Malayalam  month 'Vrichikam' is auspicious here as the birthday of Devi.
Padayani is also held in this temple.

Special remembrance of a female elephant of this temple by name 'Prameela'.She was loved by all devotees since it  was very calm and behaved  lovingly only always.Cherthala Devi is  taken out on procession  only on female elephants and it was the duty of 'Pramila' for several years to hold Devi's  idol on her top..That elephant lived
up to 90 years which still lives in the hearts of those who loved her a lot.

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