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Malayalapuzha Devi Temple

The temple Deity of Malayalapuzha temple is lovingly called as 'Malayalapuzha Amma'.(Malayalapuzha Mother).In this Globally renowned temple every day thousands of devotees are visiting to get the blessings
of Devi.Bhadra Kali Devi in her fierce state is consecrated in this temple.Even though the deity is in her
fierce state she is as a loving mother to the ingenuous flock of devotees and only the cruel, wicked type people
 need to be scared about her.
In this temple the 'Kaula' Tantric method was followed earlier and animal sacrifices were done in olden days.
Now animal sacrifices are not performed but some rituals like flying fowl birds,'Chavirakku'-a ritual by which
 spirits of dead are removed, 'raktha pushpanjali'(floral worship using red color flowers) etc are being done.
Malayalapuzha Devi Temple is situated 6 km east of Pathanamthitta town.Pathanamthitta town is the District
Head Quarters of Pathanamthitta District.The Devi Temple is in the center of five hills namely Uppidampara mala,Pulipara mala,Cherukunnathu mala,Oottupara mala, and Achakanna mala.
The temple is medium size with a majestic 'Gopuram' in the east..The inner sanctum is square shaped. The visitors will feel devotion and fear also
when entered in to the temple compound . but when entered inside of the 'Nalambalam'  he/she will experience a wraping
feel of security and a soothing  mental peace is experienced  so that they will not get out of the 'Nalambalam' in a hurry.The devotees love
to stay there enjoying that  sacred divine  protective feeling for some  more time.Devotees  who are having so many
sorrows usually burst out and cry in front of the deity describing their complaints and surrendering to her.Those who are suffering from severe problems of any sort are all helped by Devi to solve them.For delaying the marriages of girls because of several reasons devotees approaches her.For growing hair thickly
and for forming breast milk for delivered women offering of 'Manchadi seeds (Adenanthera pavonina Linn) are offered to the deity.
There is a 'Siva Linga' idol in the temple which is believed to be self manifested and no sanctum is made for
it.A flower bearing 'Konna' tree provides shade to it all year round.Usually "Konna tree' which is 'Casia fistula' or 'Golden showering tree' bears flowers  for two months,March and April in Kerala.(This tree flower is Official flower of Kerala).In this temple 'Golden Showering tree'  which provides shade to 'Shiv Linga' idol flowers every day year round.If unction of several tender coconuts are done on that idol it will rain in any hot summer is  a  belief..Cobra snakes are seen lying round that 'Siva Linga' idol mostly.
Lord Shiva is also blessing the devotees for fulfilling their desires.Other sub deities  includes  Baby Ganapathy,Murukan,Sastha,

Yakshi,Nagam,Madaswamy etc.
To relieve the problems  caused by enemies by black-majic  or by any other evil methods, 'Raktha Pushpanjali' is
performed.The sweetened rice known as 'Chathussatham' is done by the devotees for getting prosperity.For
prophylactic purposes and for physical  well being fowl bird is brought and set free in the temple compound is a ritual followed here.
There is another ritual known as 'Malayalapuzha Thoopu' which is performed mostly by farmers.They
will display an item which is supplied from the temple in their farm by which nobody will dare to steal
anything from that farm.There are several other offerings in the temple like 'Thoniyari Payasam (Sweet rice made as per the traditional method by which several ingredients are used),Ney Vilakku(Lighting ghee lamp),Nirapara(Offering of giving rice,Paddy,sugar etc in a measuring vessel known as 'para' in full measures)  etc.
The deity in this temple is an idol which is having a height of five and a half feet.It is composed of so many
materials and the method by which it is made up is known as 'Kadu Sarkara Yogam'.Several types of wood pieces several  Ayurvedic herbs,Milk,Ghee, Jaggery,Turmeric,Sandalwood,Camphor,Gold,Silver,Sand,Natural glue
etc are only some of the ingredients used to make it.All the parts like in the  human body are included in it.At the time of consecration the priests give it the power of energy by Tantric methods.
The temple opens every day at 4 'o clock in the morning and closes at noon 12.30.Re opens in the evening
at 5 P.M and closes at 8 P.M.
The annual festival starts on Thiruvathira star day in the Malayalam Month of Kumbham and Aarattu willbe on the Eleventh day.
Vinayaka Chathurthi,Navarathri,Sivarathri etc are celebrated in a grand manner.Tuesdays and Fridays
are more important than other days and there will be heavy rush on those days.
Transport facilities are abundantly available  and from Trivandrum to Pathanamthitta by National High way it is 106 km
and to Trivandrum International Air Port it is 113 km.

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