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In the Malayalam months of Kumbham and Meenam which are consecutive months the 'Bharani star day'
is considered auspicious and celebrated in a grand manner in Bhadra Kali Temples.Both these days are
considered sacred and important in all the Bhadrakali temples of Kerala but in some temples more importance
is given to the Bharani star day in the month of Kumbham where as in some other more importance is given to the Bharani day in Meenam.This years Meena Bharani Festival is on Monday 26 March 2012 and this festival
is celebrated in a very grand manner at 'Kodungallur Sree Kurumba Devi Temple' which is perhaps the most
important Bhadrakali temple in Kerala.
The Kodugallur Sree Kurumba Bhagavathy temple is situated in the heart of Kodungallur town.Kodungallur is
45km from Ernakulam and 40km from Trissur.The temple administration id under Cochin Devaswom Board.
This temple is a very ancient one and supposed to be consecrated by Lord Parasurama.The legend is that
Lord Parasurama established 64 Shiva temples,64 Vishnu temples and 64 Devi temples in Kerala.Out of the
64 Devi temples four of them are most important situated in the four directions such that in the east at Palakkad
'Hemambika' in the west at Kodungallur 'Lokambika' in the north at Kollur 'Mookambika' and in the south
at Kanya Kumari 'Balambika'.Out of these four Kanyakumari  (Balambika)  and Kollur (Mookambika) are
not in Kerala at present.
Out of the two remaining temples prime importance is given to Kodungallur Devi Temple.It is believed that the
temple was situated about 1km south of the existing present day temple and at that spot Lord Parasurama witnessed 'Parasakthi' Devi  and worshiped her with 1000pots of liquor and sacrificed several fowl birds to
propitiate her and consecrated in to the present temple place.He informed the difficulties to worship her every day as he worshiped on that day and Devi asked him to worship her on the Meena Bharani day only in this

regard is the belief.And Lord Parasurama ordered the people to celebrate Meena Bharani day in an elaborate
manner.The rituals followed in this temple differ than other temples traditionally.
There is a sanctum which is made up of stone and closed all sides except a door which is also closed from inside is a mystery here.Some says that inside that cellar is 'Mahameru Sree Chakram' consecrated by Lord
In the Sree Kurumba Bhagavathi Temple the main Idol is of Lord Shiva which is consecrated facing east.
"Mandapam' Sacrificial stone  known as Balikallu, temple kitchen known as 'Thidapally' etc are associated with that but the sacred bull idol is not seen there and also flag staff is also not existed.
The Sanctum which was faced to Western side for Devi is existing in a closed state at present.It is but still
considered  as the 'Moola Sthanam' (Origin) and some rituals are performed in the morning to evoke the Devi and  at night before closing the temple.
The devotees visit the sanctum which faces towards north and Bhadrakali  Devi's idol in a sitting posture
is existed there.It is depicted in a fierce state and the idol is made up of  a particular wood and covered with
gold plates.It is having eight hands holding different kinds of weapons.She is adorned with ornaments of
different varieties.On her left ear she wears an elephant and on her right ear it is a lion.Her right leg is in a folded state.Different kinds of gold chains are adorned to the Deity.
Sub Deities of this temple includes Ganapathi,Kshetra Palakan,Veera Bhadran,Thavidu Muthi,Saptha Mathakkal(Brahmi,Maheswari,Vaishanavi,Kaumari,Indrani,Varahi,Chamundi),Khandakarnan,Vasurimala etc.
During the Meena Bharani festival period there are  several rituals held here like Paana,Kuruthi,Kalam Pattu,Kalamezhuthu,Thalappoli,Chuttuvilakku,Kozhikallu moodal,Kavu theendal,Bharani pattu etc which some of   them are not common else where.

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