Sunday, April 22, 2012


The third day after the no moon day in the Vaisakha Month is celebrated as 'Akshaya Tritiya'.This year Akshaya Tritiya is on Tuesday 24 April 2012.
We all know that we are all blessed by God to have this human life which is much above than any other creatures on this earth.Akshaya Tritiya is a day to express our love and gratitude towards God.Whatever
deeds done on this day will bear good results.Everybody will have several problems-financial problems,health problems,work problems,business problems etc etc.God can understand the problems facing by us and he will
minimize them if we pray to him on Akshaya Tritiya day with full devotion by taking fasting.
Buying new clothes,Gold and other precious articles on this day is auspicious and it is believed that we will not
feel the scarcity of those items for ever.
This day is also important to do offerings to the souls of our dead relatives.The blessings of our dead relatives will
be helpful in our life.
On Akshaya Tritiya day it is very much auspicious and beneficial if we can take bath in Ganga River.This day is also the birth day of 'Lord Balarama'.
Performing Pooja rituals to Lord Shiva,Visiting Mount Kailas,Taking bath in holy river Ganga, performing
pooja rituals to Lord Vishnu etc are all good to be  done on this day.
Akshaya Tritiya is  the day which provides all kinds of prosperity which will remain for ever(literally akshaya means which will lasts for ever or which will not finish up or cease) and so housewives should get up early in
the morning, and after taking bath they should light five wick ghee lamp and pray 'Ashta Lakshmi' and Maha
Lakshmi(Of course  after praying Lord Ganesha).They should chant Ashta Lakshmi Sthothra,Maha Lakshmi Sthavam,Kanaka Dhara Sthavam etc.
as many times as possible.In the evening also pray like this in front of ghee lamp.Taking meals only once on that day is better.Fruits and milk may be consumed
during other meal times if necessary Gents and children can also perform this Pooja.Children will be blessed for their better studies and a good future..Chanting Mahalaksmi 'Beeja Mantra' is also necessary."Ohm Shreem
Hreem Shreem Kamale Kamalalaye Praseeda Praseeda Shreem Hreem Shreem Mahalaksmye Namah"
Chanting this mantra 108,1008,10008 numbers can be done as possible.
Starting any kind of work on this day  will bring good results.Wedding,house warming,starting of new shops

and business,foreign trip etc can all be performed on this day which will be a success.
It is said that if we pray to God on Akshaya Tritiya day  enemies will change their mind and become our friends.
If all the members of the family jointly pray to God on this day it will bring prosperity, peace and happiness.

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