Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Arattupuzha pooram Festival is conducted on the Pooram Star day in the Month of Meenam at Arattupuzha
Sastha Temple in Trichur District of Kerala.Arattupuzha pooram is the oldest of all Pooram Festivals in
Kerala.Trissur Pooram which has earned much more fame worldwide was started  in the recent past only.
Because of these two Pooram festival Trichur is a renowned place in the tourist map of Kerala.For viewing
Arattupuzha Pooram and Trichur Pooram tourists from many parts of India and abroad reaches there on those occasions. 
Arattupuzha is only 14 km from Trichur City and the Pooram festival is held in the premises of the Dharma Sastha Temple situated there.The deities of all the temples nearby are brought here on Caparisoned Elephants
adorned with colored Umbrellas and other parasols and a procession held with the deity of Sastha Temple
with the lead and summoned on the Pooram ground.More than 250 musicians will play the traditional temple
musical instruments of Drums,Nadaswaram, etc .Panchavadyam which is an orchestra with mainly five musical
instruments is played in front of the Caparisoned Elephants.A group of drum artistes will perform 'Panchari Melam' a typical musical extravaganza. Musical concerts using 'Nadaswaram' by so many artistes creates a
typical festive mood.Thousands of spectators will be gathered on the vast ground to enjoy all the spectacular
At midnight procession on Caparisoned elephants with colorful pageantry  is held with 'Thripayar Thevar's deity
leading the group of elephants.These processions are known as 'Kootty Ezhunnellippu' or 'Deva Mela' since
different deities of temples including Gods and Goddesses are summoned at the same place.It is believed
that the 'Gods' will literally summon there to witness the Pooram Festival and so really it is a 'Deva Mela' in
all sense.
On the day prior to the Pooram day Elephant race is  held  here as a tradition which was done yesterday.
After the rituals at night all the deities of the temples which had gathered for the 'Pooram' will be returned
to their respective places.
Earlier there were more than 100 elephants gathered for the Arattupuzha Pooram Festival but now a days
usually 61 Elephants are participating which means deities of 61 nearby temples are participating in this
Stunning Fire works are also held after the processions as a tradition which also will be a spectacular sight.

Trichur Railway Station is only 14 km from Arattupuzha.Buses to all places are also available from Trichur.

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