Thursday, May 3, 2012


The Full Moon Day of every month is auspicious according to Hindu belief (and in some other religions also)
and out of which Pournami which is full moon day of Chitra month(Medam in Malayalam and it will be mid
April to mid May) is  very important.This day is celebrated widely in India as Chitra Pournami.  In  India,
as well as many other countries also this day is celebrated as 'Buddha Poornima' which is birth day of Lord
In the Malayalam month of 'Vrichikam' the full moon day is celebrated  by lighting lamps in and around our
premises and next month 'Dhanu' Poornima is Thiruvathira day and people celebrate it by  singing and dancing.
In the month of 'Makaram' Pournami will be 'Thaippooyam day"(Thaipoosam).In Kumbham Pournami day
is celebrated as 'Makam' festival,in the month of Meenam it is celebrated as 'Uthara' festival ,Medam month
it is 'Chitra Pournami' in 'Edavam month it falls on 'Viskham star day' and is birthday of Lord Murugan.
'Yama Dharma Raja' (according to belief he  knows the exact time of our death and takes our soul to heaven or hell)  is having an accountant 'Chitra Guptan" who keeps an account of whatever deeds we do  on this earth during our life.
All our performances will be entered correctly in his book which can be referred when ever  necessary.(Modern
science has proved that all our performances and words spoken by us during our life  period can be traced back
which can be heard or watched by utilizing our exact frequencies in this regard.After 50 or 100 years the life
of anybody who lived centuries back also  would be traced and every thing might be seen and heard.) To make
this fact simple to the humans,  in Hindu Puranas it is stated that Chitra Guptan is recording all our activities
during our life.Chitra Guptan was formed from Yama Dharma's body and was created on a Chitra Pournami
day.Every year Chitra Gupta starts fresh accounts and he starts fresh accounts on 'Chitra Pournami Day'.
The word meaning of 'Chitra Gupta' is that one who was  born in the month of Chitra and performing secret work( He records secretly every action of each and every living being  on this earth).
There are 'Idols' of Chitra Gupta in Kanchipuram of Tamil Nadu and 'Thiruvannamalai' of Tamil Nadu.
Chitra Pournami Day is auspicious to start 'Pooja rituals' systematically to get the blessing of a Particular
God or Goddess.This day is very much important for Durga(Parvathi) Pooja.At  Chengannur Mahadeva Temple at the Sanctum of " Devi Parvathi"  special poojas are performed on this day and this day is celebrated
there as a festival.At 'Mangala Devi Temple' which has to be reached from Thekkady by trekking 12 km  through the forest,  the only day Pooja rituals are done in an  year is  on Chitra Pournami.
On Chitra Pournami day it is believed that at Madurai Temple 'Lord Indra' performs Pooja rituals to Lord
For Buddhists this day is very much important since it is 'Buddha Jayanthi' day.The main  three significant
events happened in the life of Lord Buddha on this day.He was born on the night of Chitra Pournami at
Lumbini in Nepal.He got enlightenment at 'Gaya'  of Bihar State in India on  Chitra Pournami day.Lord Budha's Nirvana happened
and his soul raised to heaven on a Chitra Pournami day.
Another belief is that Goutama Buddha's wife 'Yasodhara', his Charioteer 'Channa' his main disciple 'Ananda' and his horse 'Kantaka' were  also born on Chitra Pournami Day.

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