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Koodalmanikyam Temple,Irinjalakkuda

Irinjalakkuda Koodal Manikyam Temple is the abode of Lord Bharatha , the brother of Srirama who ruled
the Kingdom of  'Ayodhya'  on behalf of Srirama not on sitting the throne by himself but kept srirama's 'Padukams'(wooden
footwear) supposing that the presence of Srirama was there and that the Kingdom belonged to his brother only.
That was the morality,love,respect and truthfulness of Bharatha and at Irinjalakkuda Koodalmanikyam  temple
Lord Bharatha is consecrated.This is the only temple in India dedicated to Lord Bharatha.
Long ago  during a Thantric Pooja process by name 'Naveekarana Kalasam'  the idol became radiant like a ruby stone
to the astonishment of the devotees.It is said that to compare that glow with that of an original ruby stone
one original  precious ruby stone which emits rays was brought from 'Kayamkulam Maharaja's' collections and while testing it near the deity it was absorbed in the deity.Thus the Lord was came to be known as 'Koodal Manikyam
Swamy' and temple got famous as Koodal Manikyam  temple.In Malayalam 'Manikyam' is Ruby stone.
There is another story regarding the importance of this temple.Once a devotee who was well versed in 'Thantric
rituals' was visiting several temples as a pilgrimage and he evoked a minute portion of the 'Vis Viva' of the deities of all temples he visited   in to his conch.When he reached Koodalmanikyam temple at the 'Mukhamandapa' his conch fell down
and broke All the powers  of different deities which he enclosed in the conch got absorbed in the deity here.
There fore the deity in this temple is having the power of different God's and also known as 'Sangameswaran'.
                      The architecture of this temple is quite amazing.'Koothambalam,Gopuram,Vilakkumadam,Nadappura' etc are all gorgeous.The temple pond is also
very large and it is considered sacred.It is believed that before the formation of the temple a saint 'Kulipini'
performed 'Yaga' in the place of the pond which is  inside the  temple compound and known as 'Kulipini Theertham'.There
are three other ponds outside the compound also.
The annual festival of this temple is in the month of Medam (Apr-May)   by flag hoisting on Uthram star day and Aarattu on Thiru Onam star DAY.

'Veda Laksharchana'  period from Dhanu 1 to Dhanu 8 (Dec-Jan) is also auspicious here.'Puthari Nivedyam' of Thiruvonam star day in the month of Thulam,The consecration day which is ' Makayiram star' day in the month of Makaram are all celebrated in a grand manner.
During the annual festival 'Sree Rama Pattabhishekam Kathakali' is performed in this temple  not as just
an art form but as a divine ritual itself.On all days of the annual  festival,  and on  all days of Laksharchana and other
festivities feast is provided to all the devotees.More over every month on Thiruvonam star day also feast
is served to all the devotees.
The annual festival of this temple is held in a large scale with traditional rituals.The percussion concerts like
'Pancharimelam, Panchavadyam, and Pandimelam' are all included for 'Pallivetta and Aarattu' days.The
caparison of elephants are made up of gold and silver.There are no sub- deities in Koodalmanikyam temple.Even 'Ganapathi' is 
not consecrated here.
For pooja rituals   'Chethi,Thulasi and Lotus flowers'  only  are used in this temple.In this vast temple compound not even one 'Thulasi' or other plants are growing is a wonder.Camphor,agarbathi(Sandalwood
incense sticks) and other
incense materials are not used in this temple traditionally as a custom.
Lotus flower and lotus flower garland is liked by the Lord very much and it can be offered by the devotee.
Mukkudi Nivedyam and Brinjal Nivedyam are special offerings in this temple held to get cure stomach ailments.For getting the blessing of our ancestors and to get cure Lung diseases such as 'Asthma' giving food to
the fishes in the pond is done by devotees.'Sarkara koottu payasam and vella nivedyam are done for
getting the blessing for a child by childless couples.It is believed that Hanuman Swami's presence is in this
temple and offering beaten rice nivedyam for him in the 'Thidapally' (temple kitchen) ,Ghee lamp,Palpayasam(sweetened rice with milk) etc are all important offerings here.
In the Ramayana Month which is Karkadakam(July-Aug) devotees visit four temples of Sree Rama,
Bharathan, Lakshmana and Satrughna in a single day which is known as 'Nalambala Darsanam'.Thousands
of devotees perform 'observances' and  visit Sree Rama temple at Thriprayar,Bharatha temple(Koodal
Manaikyam Temple)  at Irinjalakkuda,Lakshmana temple
at Moozhikkulam and Satrughna temple at Arippalam  on a single day which will provide them  all kinds of

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