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Udayanapuram Subramanya Swamy Temple

The Subramanya Swamy  Temple at Udayanapuram which is just one km away from Vaikom Mahadeva temple  is considered as very sacred like the  Palani temple in Tamil Nadu.The
worship at Vaikom Mahadeva Temple is complete only with a 'Darshan' at the Udayanapuram
temple also. Many devotees visit the Udayanapuram temple prior to visiting Mahadeva
temple as a custom and belief.Mahadeva being the father of Udayanapurathappan is only
happy about that.In fact many devotees believe that if we want to get some desire fulfilled or
to materialize some wishes by the bliss of Vaikom Mahadeva we have to visit Udayanapuram
temple first and get Subramanya Swamy's  blessing first and then go to Vaikom Mahadeva temple with our grief
or request for a solution.
The legend is that Cheraman Perumal decided to make a Karthiyayani devi  temple at Udayanapuram and a Subramanya temple at Kumaranelloor.Both the temple structure was almost finished and to the astonishment of the King he heard a divine voice from Kumaranelloor
temple that 'Kumaran Alla Ooril'(This place is not for Subramanya) and from  further astrological findings it was understood that
Karthiyayani devi's presence was already got established   there at Kumaranalloor temple.Thus that temple was dedicated to her and Udayanapuram temple was given to Subramanya Swami.

The architectural structure of Udayanapuram temple is  splendid and unique.There is a big pond found here after the 'Nalambalam' which is not common in other temples.
The festivals ' Vaikathashtami and Kumaranellur Thrikkarthika are  very famous.Even though
we say 'Vaikathu Ashtami' it is actually a celebration of Udayanapuram Subramanya Swami.
The celebrations of Ashtami are done at Udayanapuram temple.There is a grand procession

of Subramanya Swamy from Udayanapuram to Vaikom temple on that day which is a very
beautiful,gorgeous and majestic procession.Lord Muruga is coming triumphant after killing
demon Soora Padmasura is the legend.He is being welcomed by people,semi Gods, and other

Gods  appreciating his victory.The roads leading to Vaikom Mahadeva temple is illuminated with color bulbs and on both sides lighted  oil lamps in two rows will be arranged and he will be
brought with all kinds of pageantry, music and dance.There are no words to describe the magnificent procession and the

 beauty of magnanimous  Subramanya Swami's  lovely  idol  holding the  precious heavy gold spear.
Like that 'Thrikkarthika' festival day is also celebrated at Udayanapuram temple since it falls 
just one day before  the  Aarattu of annual celebration of Udayanapuram temple.The Aarattu at Udayanapuram temple is also festival day at Vaikom Mahadeva temple since

on Aarattu day Subramanya Swamy is brought in a procession to Mahadeva temple and 
a pooja ritual is performed for both the  deities together.

There are  some other special rituals regarding Vaikom temple and Udayanapuram temple.
Many of the materials offered to Subramanya Swamy temple will be send to Vaikom temple as a custom(Presents from Son to beloved Father).

Like that there is  own Elephant at Vaikom temple.But offering elephant is not allowed at

Mahadeva Vaikom temple.It has to be submitted to Udayanapuram temple from where  it
will be send to Vaikom temple.
The main worship material at Udayanapuram temple is 'Poovan Pazham'(a variety of

banana).The devotees pray to 'Udayanapurathappan' that they will submit --- Nos of 'Poovan Pazham' to get grant their wishes and the firm devotees says that they have experienced positive responses from Lord Subramanya at Udayanapuram always.

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