Tuesday, June 12, 2012


To commemorate a  medieval battle between the Principalities of Kayamkulam and Ambalapuzha  at the 'padanilam' of Oachira temple is known as Oachira Kali.
The place Oachira is famous for the famous 'Oachira Parabrahma temple' situated  there.The interesting
fact is that this ancient temple has actually no idol or temple structure  but only a vast compound where
several Banyan trees are existing and the devotees worship the 'Parabrahma' who is
existing every where by  submitting their offerings  at the Banyan tree foundations and by
praying and meditating in the vast compound.
Lord 'Shiva' the supreme God is worshiped as 'Omkara Murthi' and 'Parabrahma Murthy' as one
who does not have a definite shape and the size which can not be  measured. He is the divine
He is taken out in a procession  to the padanilam  on the day of 'Oachira kali' and the warriors
participates in the Oachira kali follows the procession.The 'padanilam' (Battle field) is near the temple and
the warriors participating in the Oachira Kali arrange themselves as two groups and starts the 
battle.Instead of swords and shields they use long sticks.The fight would be conducted in the
wet ground where water will be up to knee height.The participants during the mock fight

splashes water on  each other which adds the enthusiasm  for themselves  and for the enjoyment of the spectators.
The Oachira Kali is held every year on the 1 st and 2 nd of Malayalam month 'Mithunam' which
falls on the mid June.At the evening of the first day the participants take a pledge to continue
the fight next day and again on the next day morning it restarts.
The main  participants take 41 days vrat(observances) since this event has  connection  to the temple.
Some of the warriors who takes part in this Oachira Kali(this term literally means 'Oachira Play since
this is actually a Play only; a mockery fight just to display martial arts)  are well trained in 
'Kalari Payattu' which is the age old martial arts of Kerala.
The warriors who are well  trained in 'Kalaripayattu' utilize this occasion to display their skill and
flexibility which the viewers also enjoys.
Only Males participates in this play and even children can also do this mockery battle.
The play is conducted in the rhythm of drums.The drum beats are selected in such a manner
that it favors one group for advancement for a predetermined time and then it allows them
to retreat and the other group advances.Meanwhile the masters  of the art 'Kalaripayattu
display their skill awfully. 
At the end of the second day best and skillful warriors are given prizes.
After this two days 'Oachira Kali'  there at the premises  will be an  exhibition and sale of
Agricultural products, agricultural utensils and household articles of any kind for a week when old types of rare utensils can also be
seen and purchased.All kinds of agricultural products,spices etc which are all of best quality  can be purchased also.
Oachira is situated in Kollam District and  this temple is beside National Highway 47.
It is not far from Trivandrum and Trivandrum Int'l Air Port.

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