Friday, June 8, 2012

Achankovil Sree Dharma Sastha Temple

It is believed that Lord Parasurama established 108 Sastha(Ayyappa) temples in Kerala
and among them four temples are considered more important and much more sacred.They
are "Kulathupuzha, Aryankavu, Achankovil,   and Sabarimala".The presiding
deities Dharma Sastha is existing  in different forms at  these temples.
At 'Kulathupuzha' Lord Ayyappa is worshiped as an young boy.At Aryankavu temple he is considered as a youth.At Achankovil  temple Lord Sastha/Ayyappa  is 'Grihasthasrami' means
he is a family head consecrated along with his  two consorts "poorna and Pushkala".At Sabarimala temple  he is considered as a Sage/Sanyasi.
In all these temples which were consecrated several centuries B.C. 
the idol of the presiding deity had to be changed in course of time because of damages etc including Sabarimala but at Achan  Kovil temple the original idol consecrated by Lord Parasurama is still existing. The deity  we are worshiping  there at Achankovil temple is the original idol thousands of years old. 
The idol of Lord Ayyappa at Achankovil differs from the other temples slightly that the deity is depicted as 
sitting one leg folded and placed on the floor and the other knee  in a raised form.'Pattabandha' as in Sabarimala is seen here also.The right palm of the deity is holding in bowl shaped and every day a ball of  sandalwood
paste is placed in that hand in the morning by the temple priest.This sandalwood paste will be
removed next day morning and then a new ball of sandalwood paste is placed in his hand.
A little of that sandalwood paste taken from his hand and mixed with 'theertham' (holy water)
of the temple  works as medicine for snake bite is a wonder.Thousands  of people were saved by
this method of treatment which is a  blessing by the God Ayyappa of this temple.When the victim of snake bites are
brought here the sandalwood paste mixed with holy water is given to drink to the victim  and a little of it
is applied at the wound of  the snakebite.The patient will be relieved without any other treatment
very soon.It is said that during the past  centuries countless  people were saved and
brought back to life by this method of treatment.During night time also if snake bite victims
are brought this treatment will be done at this temple.The temple which is situated in the 
thick forest  area has to do this treatment each and every year to several people.

According to Hindu belief the Planet Saturn has much effect on humans and bad effects known as 'Sani Dosham'( 'Sani Graham' which is planet Saturn influence us  badly , creating  harm in many ways)  will be removed or the power of its bad effects will be lessened by praying and worshiping at Achankovil Dharma Sastha  temple.Lord Sastha/Ayyappa is considered as the God governing planet Saturn.
The sub-deities of this temple are his aide 'Karuppu Swamy' and Durgadevi,Bhadra deities.

The plant creepers near the Sanctums of Bhadra and Durgadevi are seen tied with large number of cradle models.On the iron rods existing there are all placed black color bangles
by devotees.These are all submitted by devotees who were childless and  visited the temple after
getting a child with the blessing of Lord Ayyappa,Durgadevi and Bhadra of this temple.
This temple is in the eastern part of Kollam district at the border of Tamil Nadu.
This temple can be reached by Punalur-Kumaramkudy-Mullumala route  but the road is
not in good condition.
Punalur-Aryankavu-Chenkottai-Mekkara route is mostly selected which is through the thick forest and resembles Sabarimala journey.
The Manalur waterfalls and 'Kumbuvuritty waterfalls' are on the way only 8 km from the
There are Bus services from Punalur and Chenkottai to Achankovil Dharma Sastha  temple.

The annual festival of this temple is from Dhanu 1 (Dec-Jan)  for ten days.


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