Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Juma Masjid at Palayam Thirtuvananthapuram is the Principal Mosque of
Thiruvananthapuram.It is situated in the heart of the City on the main road side and can be reached very easily.
It is a Juma Masjid (Friday Mosque) which has facility and capacity  for 2000 devotees to
perform prayers.
Adjacent to the Mosque is existed Palayam  Ganapathy Temple and within few
meters is St.Joseph Cathedral  proclaiming the religious harmony prevailing
in Kerala.For the celebrations of these holy Shrines all the necessary help is provided each other.
When the Attukal Ponkala Festival which is a Hindu ritual is celebrated in which millions of women participates and the line of 'Pongala Hearths' extends
to several kilo meters,  Palayam Cathedral authorities and Palayam Juma Masjid Authorities provide all help for the women devotees.They keep open the gates  of these Shrines  for the women devotees to make arrange their hearths in the compound  for them to  prepare the sweetened rice and allow to take  sufficient water  also.
'Palayam' literally means the area where military camp is situated.During the
Maharajah rule,   near to this Mosque area was military camp existed.The soldiers and
Officers of Military regiments started this Mosque in the year 1813.During the following years Officers and soldiers of other regiments bought more land and 
constructed  building etc and finished the work around 200 years back.
In the year 1960 renovation work was done and the Mosque building was made as we see today.The Juma Masjid was inaugurated by the then  President of India
Dr.Zakkir Hussain in the year 1967.

The famous writer and poet Kamala Suraiyya (Madhavikutty) was buried in the compound of Palayam
Juma Masjid.

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