Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Peralassery Subramanyaswamy Temple

Peralassery Subramanyaswamy Temple is situated at Mundallur, 15km from Kannur on Kannur-Koothuparaba Road.This is a very ancient temple and believed  as established by Lord Srirama and Hanuman Swamy.
Once Lord Subramanya asked Lord Brahma Deva the meaning of 'Ohm'.The meaning and its  explanation given by Brahma Deva was not felt  satisfactory for Lord Subramanya.He captured him and put him in a cell in custody.Lord Shiva when
understood about this horrible  mistake of his son he released Brahma Deva and explained to Subramanya that his deed in that regard was a great sin.
For that sin Subramanyaswamy had to take the form of a serpent and had to live in an isolated well.To protect him from Sun and rain other serpents stood
over the well with raised hoods.The  place where the serpents protected Subramanya is Peralassery according to the legends.
When Parvathy Devi came to know that her son was  changed in the form of a Snake she begged to Lord Shiva to give back her son.Lord Shiva recommended her to perfrom 'Shasti Vrat' and after eighteen Shasti Vrat Lord Subramanya
appeared in the form of a Serpent in front of her.Parvathy Devi recognized that the 
six  hooded serpent who stood in front of her was   her son and hugged him.Subramanya at that moment was 
changed back to his original form.
In the 'Thretha Yuga' when Sri Rama reached here in search of Sita Devi he reached this place.There was a temple at this place known as 'Ayyappan Kavu' and presiding deity was Lord Ayyappa.Sri Rama recognized presence of Subramanya there.He told Hanuman Swamy to bring an idol from the Himalayas.
Hanuman did not reach in time of the auspicious moment to consecrate the idol and so Sri Rama consecrated his bangle instead of the idol.The bangle is called as 'Vala' in Malayalam and  the bangle of the prince was called as 'peruvala'.Thus the place name was derived as 'Peruvalassery' which got transformed as 'Peralassery'.
When Hanuman Swamy reached with the idol it was also consecrated  there
by Hanuman Swamy himself.After the consecration, for performing the 'unction'
Hanuman Swamy created a pond by hitting on the ground by his tail  with great force.
The idol of Lord Maha Vishnu was also consecrated.The temple Hanuman
consecrated came to be known as 'Markadakassery' and later became 'Makreri'

The main offering of Peralasseri Temple is hen's egg which are available from the temple itself. 'Sarpa Bali' is an important offering here.Main days are 'Ayilyam,shashti,Sankramam' in this temple.
The yearly main festival is conducted in the month of 'Dhanu'(Dec-Jan) and will be for eight days.Kathakali,Chakyarkoothu,Ottanthullal,Parayanthullal etc will be held as part of the festivities and also a religious feature known as
'Thidambu Nritham' which is performed by the temple priest.
Large number of devotees visit Peralassery temple to get rid of 'Sarpa Kopam'(the bad effects of Serpent curses).
Devotees of all faiths  are allowed to enter this temple for worship.


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