Friday, September 27, 2013

Kathakali As An Offering To The Deity

There are some temples in Kerala where the classic, prestigious art-form 'Kathakali Dance' is offered as 'Vazhupadu'(offering) to propitiate the deity of the temple and to get blessings.
One such temple where Kathakali dance is offered by  childless couples to get an offspring for themselves is 'Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanwantari temple' at 
Maruthorvattom  of Cherthala in Kerala State.
Dhanwantari Moorthy is believed as the Physician of Celestial beings(Devas) and God of Ayurveda Medicine.The largest number of Dhanwantari temples in India are in Kerala State.Devotees worship him to get cure their prolonged illness and also for enjoying good health.
Dhanwantari Moorthy is believed as the 17th incarnation of Lord Maha Vishnu.
                    One of the very famous 'Dhanwantari temple in Kerala is the 'Maruthorvattom Sree Dhanwantari temple situated at Cherthala near Ernakulam..Devotees from far and near visit this temple to get cure diseases and also for his blessings to keep fit in good health.
There are several special offering in this temple which differs from other temples such as 'Thalu curry' which is made from a roadside wild  plant which produces itching of the mouth and throat but when prepared in this temple turns to be a nutritional tasty dish.
There is also 'Attayum Kuzhampum' vazhupadu which is distribution of an ayurvedic oil usually 'Narayana Thailam' for the devotees once in the first week of  Malayalam calander month.It is given to the devotees  after  'pooja' to the deity.Devotees believe that it   cures body pain due to rheumatism. 
The deity bless childless couples to have a child for themselves and many couples surrender to the deity here to fulfil their long awaited wish.After prolonged medical treatment which were in vain,   many sorrowful couples resort at the feet of Dhanwantari God at this temple with their grief and prey for his blessings.
                 There is a 'Vazhipadu' known as 'Thiruvonam Pooja' here.Childless couple has to attend it once in  every month keeping  fasting till mid noon.Then they will be given 'Thrikkai Venna(butter),Plantain fruit,Palpayasam(sweet porridge)
from the temple which has to be eaten with reverence.Attending twelve Pooja consecutively on Thiruvonam Star day every month  is believed to bless the couples with a child.
Couples who are able to afford  offering 'Kathakali' can do so which is only need to  be  fulfilled  after their child is born and that also when the newly born  child attains one year old or more.The Kathakali offered here to get an offspring is 'Santhana Gopalam' story.The  child born as per the offering acts as the 10th child of the main Brahmin character in the Kathakali play.
Retrieval of ten children  of the Brahmin from 'Vaikundam'(abode of Lord Vishnu) by Lord Krishna and Arjuna  is  the 'Santhana Gopalam' story.In this temple the happy couple make arrangements to get played the Kathakali at least after one year after  the child birth.The Kathakali play is enacted in front of the deity at the 'Anakottil'(pandal where elephants are arrayed for festivals) as per the tradition.
The temple authorities are to be consulted to know the exact rituals to be followed in this regard for 'Thiruvonam Pooja' and  also before taking vow for Kathakali play offering.
Some happenings in this Universe are beyond our knowledge and no scientific explanations can be given for them.We can either shun them as superstitions or surrender to  the God and plea for his blessings in such situations. 

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