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Vaikom Mahadevar Temple

Vaikom Mahadevar Temple which is situated in the heart of Vaikom Municipality, in Kottayam District is one of the most important Lord Shiva Temple of South India.It is known as 'Dakshina Kashy (Thekkan Kashy) and the deity, Lord Shiva(Mahadeva)  here is called by devotes as 'Vaikkathappan'.
'Vaikath Ashtami Festival' which is conducted in a grand manner during November every year is witnessed by flocks of devotees from far and near.
             It is believed that the  'Shivlinga' idol  was given by Lord Shiva himself to 'Kharasura' who performed penance for a long period at the place Chidambaram.Bhagwan Shiva appeared before him and assured him salvation and gave him three Shivlingas for reverence and Kharasura traveled with them holding one in his right hand, one in left hand and one under the neck.When he felt tired, he placed the three Lingas on ground for taking rest and the Shivlinga in his right hand was placed at Vaikom, the one in his left hand was placed at Ettumanoor and the one under the neck was placed at Kaduthuruthy.
After taking rest for awhile when he wanted to take the Shivlingas back, he found them stuck firmly on the ground.Kharasura understood that it was God's wish and he worshiped them till he attained salvation.All these happenings were witnessed by a Sage 'Vyaghrapadar' who possessed immense powers by penance and Kharasura before attaining moksha( salvation) entrusted the protection of the holy Shivlingas to 'Vyaghrapadar Rishi'.When Vyaghrapadar performed penance at this place Lord Shiva appeared before him and assured  that the place name would be known as 'Vyaghrapada Puram'.Thus the place name became 'Vyaghrapada Puram' and in the long run it became 'Vaikom'.
Later the Shiv Linga Idol at Vaikom was properly consecrated by Lord Parasurama  abiding 'Tanthrik' rules and rituals to be performed for consecrating.Thus it  is believed that by worshiping at Vaikom Temple, a devotee gets blessings of both Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
Visiting  Kaduthuruthi Temple, Ettumanoor Temple and Vaikom Temple before 'Ucha Pooja'(Pooja at Noon) will be auspicious and believed that the genuine wishes of the devotee would be fulfilled.
Visiting these three powerful abodes of Lord Shiva in a single day would be beneficial as like visiting 'Mount Kailash' the abode of Lord Shiva.Lord's benign blessings will be showered upon the devotees by visiting the three temples in a single day.
The temple which is built according to Kerala style architecture is very big and situated in eight acres of land with compound wall and 'Gopurams(Towers) at the four sides.The 'Sreekovil'  is round in shape and roofed by copper sheets.The Shivlinga, the Holy Idol is placed inside the holy 'Sanctum Santorium' which is made up of stone and square shaped.There is a 3 feet platform and on that is placed the Holy Idol 'Shivlinga'  which is about six feet high.
It is adorned with crescent,eyes nose etc and other ornaments known as 'Anky'.A glimpse of the deity would fill the hearts of the devotee with deep devotion and happiness.
The deity at Vaikom Mahadevar Temple assumes three forms( Bhavas) daily and up to 'Pantheerady Pooja' in the mornings  he is worshiped as 'Dakshina Moorthy' who is the Lord of all 'Knowledge and Wisdom'.
During noon time he is revered as 'Kiratha Moorthy' who granted boons to 'Arjuna'(Pandava Prince).In this form he bless the devotees to get their wishes fulfilled and removes obstacles on  their way to success.
In the evenings he is believed to be present with his consort Devi Parvathi,son Ganesha and son Karthikeya which is known as 'Shakti Panchakshri Bhavam' and blesses all devotees that approaches  them in their divine form  as 'Jagat Pitha and Jagat Matha'.In this gracious mood Bhaawan and Devi would grant all worldly  pleasures to the humble and firm devotees.
In this Temple several

 Mural Paintings are found which are all stunningly beautiful.On the walls of the round shaped Sreekovil  also these murals are seen.'Aswarooda Parvathy Devi' is one among the paintings found here.

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