Monday, August 25, 2014

Kottakkal Siva Temple

Kottakkal is a Municipal town in  Malappuram District of Kerala and is situated 12 km South-West of Malappuram district headquarters and  is 12 km from Tirur Railway station.
Kottakkal has earned a reputed position in the tourist map because of the 'Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala', one of the pioneers in Ayurvedic Treatments.This Ayurvedic Hospital and Institute is well known for all kinds of Ayurvedic treatments especially 'Pancha Karma Treatments' which are suggested for several ailments,treatment for rheumatism and rejuvenation therapy.

There are several other Ayurvedic Hospitals and Ayurvedic centres which provides genuine Ayurvedic treatments throughout the state.

Kottakkal which means 'place of Forts' was a military base of the 'Kingdom of Valluvanadu'.A representative of Valluvanadu Kingdom was in charge of the place and in the first half of 15th century he assassinated  one of the ministers of Kozhikode ruler 'Zamuthiri'(Zamorin).The King of Kozhikode ('Zamuthiri') captured Kottakkal and made it under their rule and a  representative
of the King resided there.
Mural Paintings are found in the old 'Venkatta Thevar Shiva Temple' of Kottakkal.This temple is more than 1000 years old.
Once a sage performed penance in this place to propitiate Lord Shiva  and after a long period God appeared before him and blessed that his presence shall be in that place for ever.The sage consecrated a Shiva Linga Idol in the place, constructed a small temple and worshiped him.Later the temple ruined and the idol was immersed in mud.Once cattle rearing people noticed that cows which were feed on the grass from a particular place gives more milk and they investigated the place.They got the God's idol from beneath the ground and consecrated it.Valluvanad King built the temple in 1200 AD. which came under Zamuthiri's rule later on.
In 'Suka Sandesham' an old poetry text, there is mention about this temple and the name of the temple is given as 'Swetha Durgam' in Sanskrit.This means 'White Fort'.At that period Kottakkal was termed as 'Venkatta Kotta'.

This Shiva temple is having more than 40 mural paintings which are all enchanting and which  delights the viewers.There are rare themes also such as 'Pakshi Durga, Karthaveeryarjuna, Sree Rama's Anantha Sayanam' etc.
The artist's names and date drawn  are also  inscribed and they were 'Elannumadathil Sankaran Nair and Arangote Bharatha Pisharody'.These drawings were done in between 1866 - 1878 AD.
Wholesome subjects are covered full length of the walls, and few are painted in a miniature style.Since these are not very ancient when compared with some other temple murals, these colors are very bright and shining.The colors selected are accurate as per the standards and these bold colors are eye catching and suits the subjects and surroundings properly.The strokes are also crystal clear and marks the genuine mastery in this art work.The spectators feel that these splendid murals transforms a positive energy into their minds which make them calm and refreshed.

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