Tuesday, September 23, 2014


The age old mural Paintings of St.Mary's Church Angamaly delights devotees and visitors since they are unique in artistic excellence and skill of execution and these frescoes drawn with natural pigments could withstand the weather all these years since they dates back to 16th century.
The first church is believed to have consecrated in AD 409 where as the present church was built in 16th century.
The murals found here are a mix of West Asian and of local traditions and are supposed to be as old as the church itself.
The main murals found here are of Hell and heaven, on either side of the walls,The last judgement, Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden,Sacrifice of Abraham,Resurrection of Jesus Christ etc.
The two  Altars show the paintings of Gee Varghese Sahida and Bahanan Sahida.The fight between David Goliath and Arc of Noah are also depicted here.
Heaven is drawn using bright colors and Hell is depicted in dull dark blue colors.The frescoes Hell and Heaven and Last Judgement are excellent works of art and  a great contribution of Kerala to this art form.

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