Monday, September 15, 2014


St.Mary's Orthodox Syrian Church, commonly known as Kottayam Cheriya Pally
is one of the oldest Churches in Kerala.It was built in 1579 A.D. which contains mural paintings which are of the age of the Church itself.The church and the murals are well preserved.The land for constructing the Church was provided by 'Thekkumkur Raja'.
The Church is known for its peculiar architecture, a combination of traditional temple architecture of Kerala and the Portuguese style of architecture.The large brick walls of the church, The long granite pillars and the beautiful murals which depict both biblical and non-biblical themes reflect Hindu influence.The murals are drawn as per the style and tradition of murals found in Hindu temples.
This Church ('Cheriya Pally') have European style of galleries,cornices and pediments.
The murals found in this Church are mainly that of 'the last supper,Judas accepting the silver coins for his betrayal,The disciples of Jesus waiting for him in the garden,Jesus being whipped and dragged,Pilate washing his hands,
crucifixion,the Virgin Mother Mary with the body of Jesus Christ on her lap,and Christ's ascension are all depicted beautifully and majestically on the walls.

The color of Christ's robe is shown  not in white but a shade which is used to indicate spirituality and mysticism in Hindu concepts.
The Church is a well known Pilgrim Centre which attracts large number of devotees and tourists.It is in the heart of Kottayam town.

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