Monday, October 27, 2014

Thodeekalam Siva Temple

Thodeekalam Siva temple is located 2 km from Kannayam near Thalassery on the way to Mananthavady in Kannur district.This 2000 years old Siva temple is an important Siva Shrine in  Kerala.Large number of people visit this historically important temple which gave refuge to 'Pazhassi Raja' during his fights with the British.
Large number of art lovers visit this temple which has more than 150 ancient mural paintings drawn on the four walls of the sanctum sanctorum which are worshiped by the devotees.
The mural paintings in this temple which is covered in an area of 700 sq.ft is divided in to 40 panels and drawn on the two storeys  of the sanctum which is made in rectangular shape.The temple has an outer building and an incomplete  Mukhamandapam(portico) in front of the central shrine.

The mural paintings are depictions from Vaishnava and Shaiva themes.
They are taken from famous stories related to Lord Vishnu and Lord Siva.
The mural paintings reflect rural life of 16th to 18th century.
Scenes like Rukmini Swayamvaram and Ravana Vadham can be seen here.
Only natural pigments are used in these illustrations which are manifested with colors such as Saffron-red,green,red,saffron-yellow,blue,white,black,yellow and golden yellow.
There is no flag post in this temple since no long  festival is held here.
Sapthami and Astami of Malayalam month Vrichikam is celebrated as well as Sivarathri.
The temple can be accessed easily by Air,by train and by road.
Kannur International Airport is 34 km away where as Thalassery Railway station is only 2 km.


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