Thursday, November 6, 2014


Cheppad is a beautiful serene village near Haripad in Alapuzha District where the famous ancient holy shrine 'St.George Syrian Orthodox Church' is situated.
It is popular as 'Cheppad Valia Pally' which means big church of Cheppad.
This pilgrim centre of Malankara Orthodox Church is visited by large number of devotees from far and near.Cheppad Philippose Mor Dionysius is laid to rest here.He was the Metropolitan of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church during 1825- 1865.
There is evidence that one of the churches visited by Archbishop Menasis in 1599
was St.George Syrian Orthodox Church, Cheppad.
The Church is well known for its more than  600 years old Mural Paintings.The traditional mural
 paintings which depicts events from the life of Jesus Christ and such themes are drawn as per the traditional rules by using natural pigments only.They are on the walls of the Madbaho (Altar) and provides intense viewing pleasure.
These paintings are the mixing of middle eastern Christian Paintings and Kerala mural art works.
When the Church was rebuilt in 1952, the Altar was kept intact to protect the precious ancient murals which were  drawn seven centuries  ago.
There are 47 murals arranged in three lines on three walls.The Church has depictions such as 'St.Paul with a sword,Angels,Jesus Christ bearing the cross,Jesus beaten by the soldiers,St.Thomas with a mint,Adam and Eve eating the prohibited  fruit,Noah's Ark' etc.
These mural paintings are visited by large number of art lovers and tourists.

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