Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Kanthalloor and Some Other Ancient Temple Murals

Kanthalloor Sri Mahadeva Temple is a major temple dedicated to Lord Siva situated in Thiruvananthapuram at Killippalam which is only about 1km from Bus Station and Railway Station.In this temple the 'Trinity' Lord Brahma,Vishnu and Siva are consecrated thus making it a rare phenomenon.Only few temples are where the three 'Trinity' are seen in one and the same temple.Lord Muruga and Lord Ayyappa shrines are also in this temple.Murals which are very old are seen on the walls of this temple

Thrivikramangalam Mahavishnu Temple  situated at Thamalam in Thiruvananthapuram  is another temple which is very ancient and has rarest features.The walls of the 'Srikovil' is adorned with ancient murals and finely carved sculptures which are all very beautiful.

Parthivapuram Parthasarathy Temple which is dedicated to Lord Krishna is at present situated in Tamil Nadu State.It is at Parthivapuram which is ten kilometres west of Marthandom.This temple was raised by King Karunandadakkan (AD 857-880).This temple is now a protected monument under the Archaeological Survey of India.

Velorvattom Sri Mahadeva Temple is situatd at Cherthala 2 km away from the bus stand.The presiding deities are two Sivas and are known as 'Vadakkanappan' and 'Thekkanappan'.There are two flag masts in this temple.This temple is one among the famous 108 'Sivalayas'.Ancient murals are existed in this temple.

Chemmanthitta  Siva Temple in Thrissur district  have ancient murals on its walls.
Another temple Pallimana Temple, on Vazhani road , Talappally in Thrissur District is also having ancient murals.

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