Saturday, January 3, 2015

Sri Rama Temple,Thriprayar

The beautiful magnificent temple complex of 'Thriprayar Sri Rama Temple' is situated at about 25 kms south west of Thrissur town between Kodungalloor and Guruvayoor.The seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Sri Rama is worshiped throughout India with love and much devotion.In Kerala temple dedicated to Lord Sri Rama are comparatively less and the most important Sri Rama temple in Kerala is 'Thriprayar Sri Rama temple' which is visited by devotees in thousands.
The temple is situated on the banks of river 'Purayar' (river 'Theevra') and hence the name 'Thriprayar'.
The deity at this temple is lovingly called as 'Thriprayarappan' and or 'Thriprayar Thevar' and is believed to be very powerful who grants and grace the devotees to relieve them from their miseries and sorrows and to fulfill their wishes.
The idol of this temple resembles Lord Vishnu image and is 'Chaturbahu Vigraha' (the idol with four hands) and holds a conch,a bow,a garland and a disc in each hand respectively.Sridevi and Bhoodevi are on both sides.Thriprayar Thevar is also called as 'Khara Samhara Murthy'.After killing the Demon 'Khara' Sri Rama got both the aspects of Vishnu and Siva.The garland in the hand depicts the aspects of Lord Brahma and so it is believed that the idol at Thriprayar temple is a manifestation of 'Trimurthis',Lord Shiva,Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma and so very auspicious to have a 'darshan' of him to the devotees.The image is adorned with necklaces and other precious ornaments.Idols of Ganapathy and Dakshinamurthy are also there where as shrine for Hanuman Swamy is not there and his presence is believed to be  at the 'Namaskara Mandapam'.Devotees bow before the mandapa before worshiping Sri Rama as per this belief.
There is a shrine for 'Gosala Krishna' also in this temple and a shrine for Lord Ayyappa(Sastha) outside the temple courtyard.
The world renowned 'Aarattupuzha Pooram festival' which has the venue near this temple has the presiding deity 'Thriprayar Sri Rama'.All other deities participating in this Pooram festival are Bhagavathies (Goddesses) and Lord Sastha deities.
The seven day Pooram festival held in the Malayalam month of

'Meenam'(March-April) and 'Ekadasi festival' held during Nov-Dec are celebrated with great pomp.The procession of Thriprayar Thevar flanked by 21 elephants and royal paraphernalia is very spectacular.
The 'Namaskara Mandapam' which faces the 'Sreekovil' (Sanctum) has 24 panels of beautiful wood carvings.The circular Sanctum is depicted with large number of sculptural representations from scenes from the 'Ramayana'.On the walls can be seen beautiful ancient murals which are considered as a valuable asset to this great temple.

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