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Thiruvallam Sree Parasurama Swamy Temple

Thiruvallam Sree Parasurama Temple is situated at Thiruvallam near  the confluence of rivers Karamanayar and Killiyar.This ancient temple has unique features that this is the only temple dedicated to Lord Parasurama Swamy in Kerala.It is the only temple in India where the sacrificial rites for the departed souls are permitted inside the temple premises.
The tribute to the departed souls and ancestors are known as 'Bali Tharpanam' or 'Bali' and it is an earnest expression of showing our love, affection,care,gratitude and remembrance to the departed souls.Believing the assumption  that our one year is same as their one day in the celestial abode, we provide them a handful of boiled rice on a plantain leaf along with some flowers,milk,water,sandalwood paste,sesame seeds etc as the part of the ritual once in an year.The forefathers up to 21 generations becomes satisfied and happy because of this ritual performed once in an year is the belief and at Parasurama temple this ritual is allowed inside the 'Nalambalam corridors' and the temple priests guide the devotees for performing the 'Bali'.The boiled rice and other materials will be provided from the temple and on 'Karkidaka Vavu' day(New moon day in the Malayalam month Karkidakam-Aadimasa Amavasi Day) the largest gathering of devotees in Kerala to perform this ritual is at Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple.
In this temple 'Bali Tharpanam' can be performed  every day of the year and large number of people visit this temple every day to perform these rites to the departed souls.'Thila Homam(Thila Havanam) is also a ritual performed in this temple by the temple priest in the departed person's name intended for their well being at the celestial abode and can be  performed every day.
It is said that when Vilwamangalam Swami consecrated Sree Padmanabha Swamy temple at Thiruvananthapuram, Lord Maha Vishnu gave vision to him as in his reclining posture on serpent Anantha and as his head at Thiruvallam,middle at Thiruvananthapuram and feet at Thrippappur.
Thiruvallam has another importance that Lord Parasurama performed 'Bali' for his mother at the river ghat of this temple.
It is believed that  Aadi Shankaracharya Swamy consecrated the idol of Parasurama Swamy of this temple.The legend is that at Thiruvallam temple, shrines of  Lord Shiva and Lord 'Brahma Deva' was existed from very ancient period itself and Lord Aadi Shankaracharya visited here and performed 'Bali' in remembrance of his mother at the river ghat of this temple.Shankaracharya Swamy made an idol of Parasurama Swamy from the river sand and consecrated in the temple is the belief.
Lord Parasurama is the sixth incarnation of Maha Vishnu and he is revered as Lord Vishnu itself in this temple.When Aadi Shankaracharya consecrated Parasurama Swamy(Vishnu) the temple became a temple  of Lord Shiva,Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu existing together.The temple where all these 'Trinity' Gods existing came to be known as 'Thiru Ellam'(All the Gods) and later became 'Thiruvallam' as a colloquial transformation. 
There is a saying in Malayalam that for performing 'Bali' three places are most suited which are  'Illam,Vallam and Nelli'.Illam is our own home,Vallam is Thiruvallam and Nelli is Thirunelli.
At Thiruvallam Parasurama temple equal importance is for Lord Shiva and Lord Parasurama.Dhwajasthambam(Flag poles) are existing in front of both the shrines of Lord Shiva and Parasurama Swamy.
Brahma Deva's shrine is in between the shrines of Lord Shiva and Lord Parasurama.
The idol of Lord Parasurama is as like Lord Maha Vishnu; the face is as of Parasurama, the body as of Vishnu.He is depicted with four hands holding Sanghu(Conch),Chakram(Disc),Gada(Mace) and Parasu(a weapon).
Brahma Deva is depicted as sitting on a lotus pedestal and has four hands holding a 'Kamandalu' and a lotus flower in two hands.Other two hands are in 'mudra' pose.Near to the Brahma Deva's shrine is a small shrine for 'Mahishasura Mardini Devi'.
Other deities in this temple are Ganapathi,Sreekrishna Swamy,Matsyamoorthy,Vedavyasan,Subramanya Swamy,Dharma Sastha,Naga Devatas,Kanyavu etc.
The annual festival is in the Malayalam month Thulam for ten days from 'Atham' star day to 'Thiruvonam' star day.
The temple is managed by Travancore Devaswom Board.The timings are morning 5.30 to 1.00 and evening 5.30 to 8.00pm

The distance to the temple from Thiruvananthapuram Central Railway Station and Bus Station is 6 km.

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