Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bakrid Celebration in Kerala

In Kerala people belonging to the three main religious communities here such as 'Hindus,Muslims and Christians' live in harmony sharing their happiness and sorrows together.There are no communal riots or disputes in the state.In this state festivals like Onam,Bakrid and Christmas are  celebrated by all the sectors of the society alike and together.
The religious rites of the festivals may be followed by the members of that particular community only,  but the festivity of the occasion is shared equally by all.This is the tradition and custom followed by the people of Kerala and it is no wonder that both Christianity and Islam initiated in Kerala prior to any other parts of India.It is the reason that the oldest Church and the  oldest Mosque in India are in Kerala.
Bakrid, the Muslim festival of Sacrifice is well celebrated in all parts of Kerala along with other parts of the world.In Kerala it is officially celebrated for two days this year on 24th and 25th September 2015 but the festive mood may prevail for a longer period among Muslim brothers.The day is celebrated to commemorate God's mercy upon  Prophet Ibrahim and his son. Prophet Ibrahim's faith upon God was proved on this day and God was pleased by his true and deep faith.His readiness to sacrifice his own son was spared by divine intervention and a lamb was sacrificed instead.To commemorate these happenings and to proclaim the mercy and love of God, Bakrid is celebrated in all parts of the World.
In Kerala also on the Bakrid day in the early morning  people goes to the Mosque and to the open prayer grounds arranged for this occasion by wearing new or their best attire.After participating in the prayers and listening to the Imam's Id message, they exchange greetings and hug each other to express the brotherhood.
At the homes celebration continues with happy moments of dancing, singing etc.In the homes sumptuous feasts are prepared including traditional delicacies.Those who live in other parts of India and abroad will try to come home to celebrate this joyous event at their own home with other family members.
People visits their relatives; near and dear and exchange gifts and sweets.In all parts of the state a happy mood of Universal love and compassion will be seen during these days. 


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