Monday, November 2, 2015

' Vrat ' on Ayilyam Day

As per the beliefs, tradition and custom the Hindus of Kerala has the reverence of Snake Gods also.There is a separate part in most Hindu temples of Kerala  where  idols of Snake Gods such as 'Naga Raja', 'Naga Yakshi' etc are consecrated.There are Snake temples at 'Mannarasala,Vetticottu,Pambinmekadu etc where the main deities are Snake Gods.
Most of the Hindus do not kill or do any harm to snakes deliberately because it is considered as a sin.The belief is that if any harm to snakes is done the sin known as 'Sarpa Dosham' will be affected.If Snakes are killed or their eggs destroyed, they will curse which is known as 'Sarpa Sapam'.These kinds of sins may have adverse effects in one's life which can block their prosperity,they may suffer from chronic ailments which will not be cured by medicines,they may worry because of childlessness and so on.There are proper spiritual remedies to get relieved from the bad effects of such 'Sarpa Dosham'.The accursed person and his family members also may be victims of such sins which might have happened without their knowledge or might have  transformed from one generation to another.
There are so many people who think these are all superstitions and ignore them but when such problems happen in their life, they change their mind and approach an astrologer to check out and find remedies.In most cases the reason would be 'Sarpa Sapam' and 'Sarpa Dosham'.
There are small groves known as 'Sarpa Kavu' in many traditional family compounds in Kerala which many of them are kept neglected at present.This can also be reason for 'Sarpa Dosham'.
To get some relief from the 'Sarpa Sapam' and Sarpa Dosham' observing  'Vrat' on the most auspicious day of the year for snakes which is 'Ayilyam' star day in the Malayalam month of 'Thulam'(Oct 15-Nov 15) is considered beneficial.
This day is a celebration day in all Snake temples especially at 'Mannarasala Snake temple' which is near Harippad in Kerala and at 'Nagercoil Snake temple' which is in Tamil Nadu State.Visiting any of  these temples on that day and attending the special Pooja rituals will be highly fruitful for the devotees suffering from such problems.
This year 'Thulam Ayilayam' is on 4th November 2015.For observing the

'Vrat'(Vratham,Penance or Continence) the devotee has to avoid non vegetarian food and keep away from all intoxicating materials as well as worldly pleasures from the previous day itself.
On the 'Vratham' day the devotee has to do complete fasting is most appropriate.Visiting a nearby temple in the morning and evening and circling round  the snake deities three times is advised.Keep all emotions under control and keep the body and mind pure.Indulge in only good deeds and concentrate the mind upon God.Chant the sacred mantra  'Om Nama Shivaya' as much as possible on those two days.
Fasting is meant for getting more concentration upon God and for those who find it very difficult to avoid food and water may consume water.Some others and patients may consume milk or fruits.Praying God with a devout mind is intended by 'Acharyas'(Gurus) by performing such 'Vrathams'.
By drinking 'theertham' from a temple or purified water the 'Vrat' can be stopped next day morning.

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