Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Karkidakam - A spiritual month

During olden times the last month of Malayalam calendar 'Karkidakam' was looked upon by majority of the  people with fear and they were desperate about the thought of  what would be conceived by the month for them to suffer.When agriculture was the main source of economy for most of the people, this month was the days of famine and poverty.The harvest month started from the next new Calendar month 'Chingam' on wards which brought prosperity but 'Karkidakam' was horrible for them by all means with out any work and earnings.Epidemics such as fever,Cholera etc were also common at that  period and death rate of the older people were also high during this month of monsoon.People used to stay in their homes with a clean spiritual heart praying to the Almighty.Traditionally this month is called as 'Ramayana Masam' which means the month of 'Ramayana'.
The holy book 'Ramayana' is recited in most of the Hindu homes by an older member of the family while others listens to it.This system  is still  followed all over Kerala in most of the Hindu homes especially in this month.
Kerala is well known for 'Ayurvedic'  treatments and the month Karkidakam which falls from mid July to mid August is excellent for 'Ayurveda treatments' which is known as 'Karkidaka Chikitsa'.It is said that during this monsoon period the human body will reciprocate well for the traditional Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Many people undergoes such treatments in this month which detoxifies and rejuvenate physically and mentally.There are several well famous Ayurveda Centres in Kerala where traditional treatments such as 'Panchakarma treatment,Pizhichil,Njavarakizhi,Dhara,Elakizhi,Abhyagam' etc are provided  which cleanse the system,relieves pain and regains health.

'Marunnu Kanji'  which is rice porridge mixed with several Ayurvedic medicines is consumed during this month as one time meal which is also entrusted as a method of detoxifying the human system

and regains health.Karkidakam is the best month to consume this medicinal porridge.The good effects of the medicines will continue to protect the body for a long period is the belief.'Karkidaka Kanji Kits' are available all over the state during this month.

The new moon day of this month is known as 'Karkidaka Vavu' and this day is auspicious for the Hindus and they believes that the departed souls of their relatives will visit them on this day.It is the day to pay homage   to them which is known as 'Bali' and there will be heavy crowd at all famous holy  'Bali Centres' in the state.
Traditionally this month is avoided  for  any grand ceremonies like marriage etc 
now a days also.Karkidakam paves way to  'Chingam month' and the celebration season begins there on happily with the biggest and longest festival of Kerala- 'Onam'.